Friday, February 4, 2011

Floral Friday!

When I was about 5 years old I told my mother that I wanted to be a florist when I grew up. The years passed by and I became a teacher, moved to the outback in Australia and enjoyed teaching before becoming a mother. When my children were old enough to go to school, I taught on and off as a relief teacher and a guitar teacher while teaching stamping and scrapbooking at the local craft council. Since moving to America I really haven't felt the call to get back to teaching and for the last year I have enjoyed stamping and blogging. I've given alot of thought about what I want to do with my time especially after my kids leave home which isn't too far away and funnily enough I gave serious thought to becoming a florist! A few weeks ago I started an online Floral Design course and have completed the first module and am really enjoying this new venture.

After completing my first two arrangements I knew I had to make matching cards for them! So, I thought I would hijack my blog on Fridays...Floral Friday...and show you some of my arrangements with their matching cards. Some weeks I might just post cards with flowers...and as I use flowers on the majority of my cards this won't be too difficult!

Today's arrangement is a Basic Round silk arrangement. Module one was working with silk blossoms and the rest of the modules work with fresh flowers.

My matching card is a little 3" x 3" card and I used a left over leaf and some blossoms.

Here they are together...

Stamps - How YOU Doin' by Ippity
SU coloured cardstock
Gina K luxury cardstock
SU marker
Silk leaf and flowers


  1. Good on You, Christy!
    Trying new ideas, dreaming about your options and then going for it is what Life is all about. I love your concept of matching cards and I am really looking forward to your floral arrangements and seeing you stretch your wings so to speak.
    I sort of do the same thing but on a large scale - a big country garden and nursery, but usually I am so busy things just get plonked into vases.

  2. Well good for you! The card is just lovely and goes so perfect with this arrangement.

  3. Absolutely exquisite. You are full of so many surprises and hidden talents. Just beautiful.

  4. Stunning!!!! This is just fabulous and I know you're having fun taking this class. So very pretty.

  5. How delightful, Christy!! I know you are going to love those classes!! I took several a few years ago and had a blast!

    I love your arrangement and your matching card!!